Here’s the whole story…

I grew up in southern Minnesota in a small town with only 75 people in it. The only thing you could buy was a can of Pepsi out of the machine! We went to school in the neighbouring town. My sister and I were the first ones on the bus and the last ones off. An hour trip both ways! No wonder I don’t mind driving.

At the age of 12, we moved to Morden for my father’s career with Kimberly Clark Inc.

(Let’s just skip the teenage years shall we!)

I graduated high school and moved to Vancouver where my sister was living at the time. I spent a few years out there doing odd jobs, one of which was a book inspector for a bindery. Tough job. Moved back and went to Red River College for Drafting. My first job out of college was with a Firestop sealant manufacture. We designed and tested fire resistant building materials. It was fun to watch floors and walls fail under load. After that I worked for Palliser Furniture in a number of different roles, designing, testing and drawing for them.

At the age of 26 I bought my first house for only $48,000 on Carter Ave. in the Grant Park area. My Realtor at the time was the late Mike Breen of Remax Professionals. I later saw him after I had gotten my real estate license, and was working in the same office as him and he said, “I guess I’m not getting the call back when you sell!”

I fully renovated the house on Carter Ave. and have renovated a number of other properties since. I got into real estate for the love of houses. My experience with houses, building products and construction design gives me the experience in real estate to be able see the good homes from the bad and to assess whether a problem is fixable or not, including structural defects.

I started with Remax Professionals in April of 2004. The months before, I took a part time job selling alarms to get some sales experience while studying for my real estate exams. It took me 6 months to finish. The first property I ever sold was a farm out by Morden. The rest is history. I can’t think of doing anything else! The love for my job creates new friends and I’ve been producing winning awards each year and I hope that continues with your support. Thank you to all my clients!

Read though this website to understand the hard work and dedication I have given to my job. There is no substitution for attention to detail.