A development in Crescentwood is moving forward on a property with a history of controversy.

A committee of three councillors voted 2-1 in favour of an appeal by the developer, to allow a four-storey, eight-unit condo at 514 Wellington Crescent.

City planners support the proposal. Coun. Russ Wyatt, who sat on the appeals committee, was the lone vote against, but did speak in favour of the project. He says it’s consistent with other developments.

“We have approved similar developments like this, if not larger in the so-called suburbs,” said Wyatt

Councillors Janice Lukes and Devi Sharma voted for the appeal.

A community committee, which included the area councillor, turned down the proposal last month. Another appeals committee did last year as well.

Area residents and heritage advocates are concerned about the height of the building. The latest plans include variances to go from 35 feet to just under 50 feet, as well as adding a loading area.

Christine Skene lives in the neighbourhood and is part of the save 514 Wellington Committee.

“This home is even taller than the infill guidelines, so it looks like the wild west of planning, anything goes,” said Skene.

River Heights Coun. John Orlikow says he is disappointed.

“Not only did I find the variance for the height and massing too high,” said Orlikow, “The fact of the matter is it shouldn’t be back there, you can’t keep going back to the neighbourhoods over and over again.”

Neighbours and heritage advocates were upset the previous home on this site was demolished in 2020 to make way for the development. They felt it had historical value.

Those behind the new project are confident it will fit the character of the neighbourhood.

“We’re very pleased. We think that this development is going to be a great contribution to Winnipeg,” said Michelle Richard of M Richard & Associates.

Drawings of a proposed condo unit that would be built at 514 Wellington Crescent. Feb. 15, 2023. (Source: Prairie Architects)