Selling your Home is an Art

It’s all in the Details!

A high quality listing is one of the most important aspects of selling your home.

Most (if not all) buyers are going to find your house on the internet. Make sure you have a good appearance! You wouldn’t go to a job interview with your hair messy, so make sure your agent is presenting your house to the most of that first impression! In this market you have one shot at it so make it good.

Here’s How Not to Sell Your House!

Here’s another great advantage you’ll have over other houses when your house is listed with Randy…

These two pictures were taken from the exact same spot. I’ve purchased a wide angle lens camera for one of the most important parts of your listing…the photos!

What a difference a wider view can make. Perfect for those smaller areas of the home. It also makes every picture look so much better! These are great cameras. Clients are loving their listings!

Before and After…

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